Insider Trading, Institutional Investor Holdings Reports

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    In today's market, why struggle every day with overwhelming information when seeking an investment decision? A simple winning strategy to maximize profitability is to follow insiders and company executives - people who manage the company and understand its operation better than anyone else. A timely and properly compiled model of current institutional holdings and company executives insider trading activities can be the most accurate reflection of the prospect for the company, the industry, and the market in general.

  • Our Website Provides Real Time Insider Trading Tracker and Alert Services

    Now with the assistance of our products and services, everybody can reap the benefits of trading on insider information. Our services include:

    • Search historical executives form 4 filings insider trading transaction data.
    • Real-time insider trading reports segregate data based on various criteria.
    • Real-time insider trading alerts notify users by email when user-defined criteria are met.
    • Sector and industry report with graph view visualizes the trend of insider trading transactions at a glance.
    • Insider trading stock screener quickly discovers the most recent insider buying and selling activities.
    • Insider watch provides insider trading tracking and alerts by real time email based on user-defined watch list.
    • List of insider holders and their wealth.
    • List of institutional holders for common stock and option holdings.
    • List of institutional investors portfolio holdings and their value change history.
    • List of holding history by a particular institutional investor.
  • Insider Trading Buy and Sell Ratio Charts as Market Movement Indicator

    Insider buy and sell ratio charts can be used to accurately predict the overall market movement. Statistics strongly suggest insiders buy low and sell high! Current Insider buy and sell ratios inform whether insiders are bullish or bearish in the near future.