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Stock Anaylysis Software

Download SecForm4 Stock Analysis Software

For Windows     For Linux

Download Sample Session

Download Instruction: Please download Windows or Linux program, then download Sample Session file (right mouse click on above "Download Sample Session", select "Save link as..."), open this sample xml session file using the program.
Quick Start Guide After Installation:
  1. To start the program: Start -> All Programs -> SecForm4 -> Stock Analysis.
  2. Right mouse click on "Dividend Analysis", select "Real Estate". Payout Ratio vs. Dividend Yield cross-plot will be displayed.
  3. To create your own cross-plot model, right mouse click on "Stock Analysis", select "Create User Defined Analysis...".


  1. SecForm4 Stock Analysis is a cloud based software. It is to help users pick the best stocks using trend line and curve fitting of cross plot between combination of company financial statistics data, filtered by various criteria together with significant insider purchases.
  2. The X and Y axes can be computed using more than 70 company raw financial statistics data. The program automatically fit a trend line in the cross plot. By analyzing the data position of a particular stock relative to other companies, users can assess the strength and weakness (under-valued and over-valued) of the stock. Links to insider transaction records and dividend history will help users making a smarter investment decisions.
  3. Data can be grouped by sector, industry, or by a list of user provided stocks. Polygon pick can remove outlier data points.
  4. The program offers default built-in cross plot models. More models can be created by users using their own algorithm and filter condition. Save Restore Work

Features and Functionalities

  1. Contain more than 14,000 publicly traded company stocks and their financial statistics data. Stock list
  2. Using various filter condition along with insider purchase data, users can define their own cross plot models to search through more than 14,000 company stocks. Cross plot model builder
  3. Allow users to analyze and pick best stocks based on various criteria for a smarter investment decision. Discover under-valued and over-valued stocks using trend line by curve fit. Links to insider trading records will further confirm with the insider actions. Stock Analysis
  4. Find best dividend stocks and highlight the interested stocks within the cross-plot cluster for better presentation. Best dividend stock picks
  5. View stocks as a group by sector, industry, or by a list of user defined stocks. Stock grouping
  6. Display stocks sector, industry, and their financial data. Stock statistics data
  7. "Save Session" and "Open Session" will restore the work where it was left.
  8. Divide into 11 sectors and sub-classify into 155 industries:
    • Basic Materials
    • Communication Services
    • Consumer Cyclical
    • Consumer Defensive
    • Energy
    • Financial
    • Healthcare
    • Industrials
    • Real Estate
    • Technology
    • Utilities
  9. More than 70 financial statistics data for every company:
    • 52WeekChange
    • averageDailyVolume10Day
    • averageVolume
    • averageVolume10days
    • beta
    • bookValue
    • country
    • currentPrice
    • currentRatio
    • debtToEquity
    • dividendRate
    • dividendYield
    • earningsGrowth
    • earningsQuarterlyGrowth
    • ebitda
    • ebitdaMargins
    • enterpriseToEbitda
    • enterpriseToRevenue
    • enterpriseValue
    • fiftyDayAverage
    • fiftyTwoWeekHigh
    • fiftyTwoWeekLow
    • fiveYearAvgDividendYield
    • floatShares
    • forwardEps
    • forwardPE
    • freeCashflow
    • fullExchangeName
    • fullTimeEmployees
    • grossMargins
    • grossProfits
    • heldPercentInsiders
    • heldPercentInstitutions
    • marketCap
    • netIncomeToCommon
    • numberOfAnalystOpinions
    • operatingCashflow
    • operatingMargins
    • payoutRatio
    • pegRatio
    • priceToBook
    • priceToSalesTrailing12Months
    • profitMargins
    • quickRatio
    • regularMarketDayHigh
    • regularMarketDayLow
    • regularMarketPreviousClose
    • regularMarketVolume
    • returnOnAssets
    • returnOnEquity
    • revenueGrowth
    • revenuePerShare
    • sharesOutstanding
    • sharesPercentSharesOut
    • sharesShort
    • sharesShortPreviousMonthDate
    • sharesShortPriorMonth
    • shortPercentOfFloat
    • shortRatio
    • targetHighPrice
    • targetLowPrice
    • targetMeanPrice
    • targetMedianPrice
    • totalCash
    • totalCashPerShare
    • totalDebt
    • totalRevenue
    • trailingAnnualDividendRate
    • trailingAnnualDividendYield
    • trailingEps
    • trailingPE
    • twoHundredDayAverage